What kind of events does Eclecdish cater?

Eclecdish Catering focuses on corporate catering - specifically breakfasts, lunches, and cocktail hours.  We also do some private parties.  

What is the minimum number of people Eclecdish can cater for?

For corporate breakfasts and lunches the minimum is 25 people.  For corporate cocktail hours the minimum is 50 people.  For private events the minimum is 50 people.

Can Eclecdish provide more than just the food?

Yes. Eclecdish can provide rentals items such as tables, chairs, glassware, etc and also bring as many staff members as needed for the event. Once you know where your event will be held, Eclecdish can work with you to determine what is needed and what will work for your budget.

Is Eclecdish a green catering company?

Yes. Eclecdish strives to use the sustainable practices to produce great food and events be sensitive to the environment. Eclecdish is constantly looking to buy as many local products as possible.

Does Eclecdish still offer any cooking classes?

No, our focus is now on corporate catering events.